A place for all of your Custom PC needs!

Who Are We?

We are HardwareMana and we make custom PCs, the good ones.

Our tag-team goes by the name Sunny and Karan. Not the most exciting names but we gotta make do with it. Okay, continuing…. We are based in Amritsar, Punjab, India – (31°37’35.0″N 74°47’59.0″E to be exact) and planning for world domination 😉

We have been building custom computers for a while now. But wanted to give it a real face. Thus HardwareMana was created. It was not created with business or profits in mind but rather a motive to support the Indian PC community. Not just through custom PCs but also through support, advice and events.

What We Do?

We work with you to create the best custom Gaming PCs and Workstation PCs. You matter to us, and that’s why we take away the pain of research and hunting for the correct PC parts.

We build it with you and for you. You get your Custom Gaming PC or your workstation PC the way you want it. At every step, we will guide you and add the final touches to your master piece. We treat it as our own system and give you the PC that you deserve.

And not just a custom PC, a stable and clean custom PC. Our motive is to hand assemble every custom PC with meticulous details. Every cable and screw is checked with care. Even the system settings and software are optimized for maximum performance.

No corner is left untouched. We poke each component with our own little fingers.

Why We Do It?

Two reasons-

First, we like it. It’s our love and hobby. It gives us fervor (fancy word) and it fills us with vehement (another fancy word) rush!

Second is something we have experienced personally. Have you ever been to a shop and found it annoying when the shop owner doens’t know what he is talking about? Yeah, we are on the same page then.

The number of times that we faced this issue with PC shops and sellers is too damn high. We were tired to see sub-standard systems and unbalanced configurations being plastered on unaware customers. And at other times, people were offered components that lead to major bottlenecks in systems performance. It was time.

Time had come take the matter into our own hands.

Send us a Sandes!

We’ve rambled about us too much. It’s time for us to get in touch, formally. Send us some mails – for anything. We would help you.