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The 5 Advantages of Getting a Custom Gaming PC

The 5 Advantages of Getting a Custom Gaming PC

You mainly have two options when it comes to getting a gaming PC. You can get it directly from a manufacturer, the likes of HP, Alienware, Dell, etc. or you can have it custom built. Both of these options allow you to enjoy games to the fullest but one of them is clearly better.

Computer games are increasing in complexity day by day. What started out as some thousands of pixels are now crossing the 8 million pixel boundary. Some games are exceeding the capabilities of the current generation of components. In such cases, having a basic system to enjoy the games is not enough.

You need something better and that’s where a custom gaming PC comes into play. With faster and reliable components, you can enjoy your games and multi-task without breaking the sweat. You can get a manufactured PC from a company but it cannot match a custom gaming PC setup because of some limitations.

Here are 5 advantages of getting a custom gaming PC that are hard to ignore-

Better, Off the Shelf Components

Most manufactured PCs come with OEM parts that are hard to benchmark and review. You cannot be sure of the upgrade options of the motherboard and you can never know what brand of RAM goes into the system. So when the time will come for upgrades or swapping components, you will have to do a lot of digging.

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When you get a custom gaming PC, you can be sure that the component you are choosing is widely available. You can read third-party reviews, user reviews and also be aware of any potential problems of the particular component.

Cooler and Quieter

A manufactured PC does not come with proper cooling options because of the limitations of the case. It does not have space for upgrading to better and quieter fans, bigger coolers or support for liquid cooling radiators. You will be limited to factory fitted fans and usually, they are OEM models, meaning they are louder and under-performing when compared to standard, off-the-shelf fans.

When getting a custom PC, you can choose the components which exactly suit your noise and performance requirements. You can go for a full-tower for better cooling options or go for silence focussed case and fans allowing you to enjoy your media without any noise.

No Bloatware

OEM PCs usually come with a ton of crappy bloatware from the factory which resides on the RAM and robs away essential memory and CPU power. This results in lower performance and sluggishness which can be felt right out of the box. In some cases, this software comes integrated to the system options making it difficult to remove them.

In the case of a custom gaming PC, it becomes a lot simpler. Because it is you that decide what OS to choose and all you need are the official drivers to get started with slaying some monsters at 4K while streaming it on Twitch!

Better Warranties

Most OEM PCs come with 2-3 year standard warranty. While this is okay in most common scenarios, having an extra warranty for long-term components like RAM, PSU, etc. is always better.

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When you get a custom gaming PC, you get individual component warranty which can range anywhere from 5 years to 10 years for some specific components. Some companies also allow you to register for extended warranties making the deal even sweeter.

Unlimited Customization

It is true, OEM PCs have come a long way from the early beige and black boxes. But even the most modern and expensive manufactured PC is no match for the unlimited customization potential offered by a Custom PC. You only get a limited number of options to play with and when you get the options to stretch the limits, you pay exorbitant prices.

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A custom gaming PC allows you to stretch your wings of creativity and you can get one built with almost endless possibilities. It’s like comparing a standard BMW 5 Series to a Rolls Royce. You can customize the trim levels in the 5 series but to truly feel the sense of freedom and personalization, you will have to step into a Rolls.

From the case design, lights, paint, finish to the untapped mod options, you can customize it to your heart’s content.

So have these points intrigued you to consider a gaming PC? Then contact our experts today to find the perfect custom PC for your requirements. Leave your message here.

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