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budget gaming pc india


This budget gaming PC is designed in keeping the Indian audience in mind. Using pocket friendly and VFM components that are ready for upgrades any time.

Recommended for up to 1080p gaming.

high end gaming pc india


Our purebred custom gaming PC featuring only the latest and fastest components of the industry. High clock speeds, fast storage and appealing looks are its specialty.

Reommended for up to 1440p gaming

streaming gaming pc india


When nothing but the best will do, our RIMO comes in. Built for bragging rights and gaining top spots in benchmarks, this can handle gaming, streaming, 4k and VR with ease.

Recommended for up to 4K and VR

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You get a custom gaming PC that is pre-tested and bench-marked, without bloatware, software optimized, cable managed and tailor made.

All for you.

Choose our budget option – the KANGTO or go extreme with our prime gaming desktop – RIMO. And also check out our favorite one – MANA.

Get a PC that you need, not what companies want to promote. We only choose parts for your gaming PC that are reviewed and recommended by experts or actual users.

We don’t promise miracles, we are not market leaders, we are not bringing a paradigm shift.

All we promise is better Gaming PCs for all.