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Geforce vs Quadro – Which is Right for Your Custom PC

Geforce vs Quadro – Which is Right for Your Custom PC

Geforce vs Quadro – Which is Right for Your Custom PC

As some of you may have now guessed it, we build custom PC in India. And in fact, we build both gaming PCs and personal workstation in India. And often, a question is asked by the customers from the professional side, what will be better for my computer – an NVIDIA Geforce card or a Quadro.

We cannot fault them for getting confused. In the recent years, the difference between these two platforms has shrunken a lot. The Geforce cards have reached performance and computing levels that were unheard of. For a simple user, it gets a little difficult to identify the differences between the two unless they start digging a little deeper.

Allow us to walk you through the main differences between Geforce and Quadro platforms in a simple manner –


geforce vs quadro - custom gaming pc india

Better Clock Speeds

The GPU clocks on Geforce cards are generally 10%-20% faster. This can offer faster performance in tasks like gaming. For example, the Quadro reaches a max of 1470MHz whereas the cheaper but equivalent GTX 1070 goes up to 1683MHz on stock boost. This performance advantage from this difference in clock speeds can be felt in many applications.

Better Value

If you do a lot of things or you are a content creator that also loves to consume content then a Geforce card provides better value for money. The faster core clock and the relatively decent number of CUDA cores allow the Geforce cards to be faster in applications like video editing, gaming, and basic level 3D rendering. In simple terms, it is a better card if you like to spend less for more.

Basic Multi-Monitor

It is true that at the professional level, high-end multi-display setups are handled by Quadro systems but that does not mean every Quadro card supports it. If you are into multi-monitor setups then a Geforce card is better suited to handle it. Unless you are opting for the fastest Quadros or the NVS line, a simple GTX 1060 is all you need for an out of the box 4 monitor setup. And of course, you can double the count of monitors with another GTX 1060 in SLI.

Best Used With – Gaming, General Purpose Computing, Semi-professional, hobbyist and amateur level video editing and CAD work.


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Specializes in Render

The main area Quadro specializes is rendering and compute applications. While the difference between most applications is decreasing, the advantage that can be gained with a certain application is staggering. Especially CAD programs like AutoCAD are optimized so heavily for the Quadros that it looks funny. So if you are seriously into CAD work, then even an entry-level Quadro is miles better than a Geforce.

Crazy Numbers

Geforce cards are fast but if you are talking about some big numbers then you cannot beat the Quadros. 4608 CUDA cores, 576 Tensor cores and 48 GB are not the numbers that you would get in a Geforce, at least for now. The amount of raw power for ray tracing and compute applications that the same gen Quadro carries is not seen on a Geforce.

Double Precision Computation Power

Double precision computation application is very specific and not common but those who deal with these huge calculations are from the scientific and research backgrounds. To them, it does not matter how many FPS can your Geforce push in Fortnite. The accuracy and reliability of a Quadro are all they need.

Better Warranties and Durability

No one likes a faulty and unreliable component that goes bum after just a couple of sessions. Quadro cards are designed to withstand the abuse of 24×7 operations of a professional environment. The chips that are used in Quadro chips are cherry picked for better reliability and stability compared to a Geforce card. Nvidia controls the complete design of the card unlike the AIB partners for Geforce. They run cooler, quieter and also features better error management in the memory. They also offer better warranties which is something every company enjoys.

Best Used with – Scientific and research operations, CAD rendering, Ray tracing and compute


What is right for your custom PC then? Well, the answer depends. In our view, if you have a multi-purpose use case, then going with a mid to higher end Geforce card is a better value-oriented choice. There are more flexibility and versatility in a card like a GTX 1080Ti or an RTX 2080 for such uses.

But if you are a company and want to squeeze every single bit of performance from the one single application that you use then it is hard to beat a Quadro with their better reliability and higher memory capacities.

Still unsure? Give us a call at 9876499728 for help configuring a PC with the right GPU to meet your needs. You can also check out our range of gaming PCs and workstation PC in India or you can contact us here.

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