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Custom Workstation PC for Professionals

Fast and Precise.

These machines mean serious business. From the design stage to the final delivery, these custom workstation systems can handle all.

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custom workstation pc india

Number Crunching Horsepower

Kamet comes with HEDT processors allowing you to handle huge calculations with ease. Suitable for CAD, 3D design and modelling, video editing and rendering, these processors are suitable for all form of professional creative tasks.

*Available in up to 18 Cores.

Perfect Graphics Solution

Available in large memory capacities, multiple display outputs, advanced features to drive photorealistic VR environments and more, these cards are equipped to accelerate a range of professional workflows.

*Up to Quadro and Radeon Pro options

custom workstation pc india quadro cards india
custom workstation pc india

Speedy and Accurate Memory

With high speed and accurate memory modules, you can maximize your multi-tasking performance. Available in high frequency and ECC options.

Don’t know where to start? Then let us help you.

We will help you choose the right components that fit your requirements. You’ll only be recommended the parts that you actually need. We don’t do upselling here!

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Snappy and Extensive Storage

You don’t have to worry about running out of storage anymore. Kamet comes with multiple storage options, optimized for storing media and work documents. The offered cases allow for multiple SSD and HDD RAID configurations.

custom workstation pc india professional storage systems
custom workstation pc case airflow

Cool, Quiet and Expandable

Big machines need big cooling. That’s why we choose cases and cooling components that are reliable, quiet and maintenance free. Evey Kamet Workstation PC comes with high-end mid tower and full tower options allowing for multi-card and multi-storage options.

Efficient and Protected

When you are working with important documents on a PC filled with high-end parts to the brim, you don’t want electricity to spoil them. That’s why evey Kamet comes with at least an 80+ Gold Rated PSU made by the best OEMs in the industry. Protection and efiiciency is always assured.

custom workstation pc psu