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Cooler Master MasterCase NR600 Review India –  Affordable High-Airflow Case

Cooler Master MasterCase NR600 Review India – Affordable High-Airflow Case

Today we have the Cooler Master NR600 with us which promises excellent airflow performance at mid range price. With it’s full mesh front and open interiors, this case has all the features that makes it a good candidate for housing high-end high heat components.

Our full video review of the case in Hindi. We have also included temperature testing results to the video

With more and more PC cases going for the minimalist and clean look, the airflow capabilities of cases are seeing a negative trend. But the Cooler Master NR600 brings airflow to the mix by opting for clean design and a full sized mesh front panel that allows for a uninterrupted path for air to flow.


NR600 has a very square and boxy design with clean lines and more functions than form. It is not boring but people who like a little more than straight lines may want to look at some other options.

Cooler Master Review India - Exterior

The front is all mesh and mesh only, there’s no dust filter here but the mesh is fine enough to limit most dust intake. The panel is easy to remove and comes out with an easy tug from the bottom. Behind the mesh panel, there’s space to mount three 120mm, two 140mm fans, or radiators of equivalent sizes. Interestingly, there’s also a 5.25″ drive mount making it one of the few new cases in the market with support for such drives.

While the front is a full steel mesh, the left side is adored with a sleek looking tempered glass panel. As you can see, there’s no thumbscrews on the side. It is mounted on slots just like traditional steel panels. It gives the case a clean and smooth appearance and we really like it. The case comes with an frame integrated PSU shroud just like the Phanteks and NZXT cases. It keeps the costs low and still as functional as normal cases.

Cooler Master Review India dust filter

At the top, there are two fan mounts for 120mm and 140mm fans. There’s also a magnetic dust filter here. The I/o is also found here and it comes with two USB 3.0 ports, power and reset buttons and a combo 3.5mm connector which is odd considering the form factor of the case. I don’t see the point of single audio connector on a desktop PC when you consider most headsets come with dedicated Mic and audio jacks anyway.

Cooler Master Review India input

At the bottom, things are simple with 4 feet and a cheap looking dust filter, which honestly feels like a joke. It was not expected in a case that is considered a mid range case.


The interiors are simple and roomy. There’s no try here to reinvent a working formula. It supports motherboard up to standard ATX formats and can house a 360mm rad at the front. There are ample cutouts on the motherboard tray and the two main cutouts come with good quality rubber grommets.

There’s just one thing missing and that’s a cutout for the graphics card power cable. A simple cutout in the PSU shroud will be a great addition for passing graphics card cables.

There are also three 2.5″ SSD mounts on the PSU shroud with appropriate cutouts for passing the cables.

Cooler Master Review India ssd mount psu shroud

Moving to the back of the motherboard tray, you will find plenty of cable tie loops and space for mounting 4 3.5″ hard drives and 2 additional SSD mounts. It is clear from the storage options that Cooler Master NR600 is aimed at professionals or users with large storage requirements. Perfect option for video editors.

Cooler Master Review India

Build Process

The assembly process was relatively straightforward. The roomy interiors provide ample space for movement. There was no problem in mounting any of the components and there’s plenty of clearance even for the largest of components.

Cooler Master Review India screws

The whole storage mounting option is tool less. It’s simple to use and convenient. Special grommets and screws are provided for the mounting. I have only one concern what would happen if you loose just even one screw? There’s no other way to mount the drives unless you are an expert on using double tape or hot glue.

Cooler Master Review India  cable management

But other than this, there’s was no issue in mounting any kind of component. There’s more than an inch of clearance at the back of tray to hide all the cable management mess.

Cooler Master Review India cable management

Temperature Testing

We tried mainly three configurations. The stock, one without the front mesh and one with three 120mm 1000RPM fans. We loaded AIDA64 and turned on both GPU and CPU test to simulate a full load scenario. And here are the results –

Cooler Master Review India testing
Cooler Master Review India testing 2

As you can see, the case performs really good. There’s hardly any difference between with and without the front mesh. And by just adding some cheap 120mm fans, you can make a significant impact on thermal performance of the case.

Wrap Up

So this was our review of the Cooler Master NR600 ODD version. As you have seen with the above mentioned details, the case is worthy option to consider for your next gaming PC build. Priced at ₹5900, this case competes directly with the likes of NZXT H500, Thermaltake V200 and the Phanteks P350X.

Cooler Master Review India full build

All of these cases are similar in terms of design and features. Some are good in looks, some are good in performance, some have innovative cable management or some have great radiator support.

The NR600, while looking simple and plain, or perhaps even boring, is a great option if you need to fit in high performance components in a case that will not thermal throttle them. This is also one of the few cases in this price point that has support for 5.25″ drives, 4 hard drives and 5 2.5″ SSDs. And that’s a lot.

So would I recommend this case? Yes. The points of concern are none and the few things that feel off are certainly minor enough to be ignored as deal breakers.

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