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How to Clone SSDs – A Simple Step by Step guide

How to Clone SSDs – A Simple Step by Step guide

As Solid State Drives (SSD) are getting pocket-friendly, using them is no-doubt a regret-free choice. It gives a huge performance leap for any computer system as well as stability when compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs).

Installing an SSD is just like fitting HDD but here, the slots, connectors & cables may be different. After proper installation of your fresh SSD, make sure it is detected by your system in BIOS. After that, you just have to follow easy Cloning Instructions given below.

Source SSD
WD Green 240GB M.2 2280 Internal SSD

Target SSD
ADATA XPG SX6000 Lite 512GB PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive

Cloning Software recommended by your SSD manufacturer
Acronis True Image OEM Disk Migration Utility software for Windows 10

Why Acronis True Image OEM software?
We are using this software because it is recommended by our target SSD’s manufacturer i.e. XPG. It’s always a safe bet to use the cloning software provided by your target SSD’s manufacturer.

After installing both the M.2 SSD, we will be following step by step instructions to get Acronis True Image original key and further installation. You can use any SATA SSD here as the steps for both of them are exactly the same.

Part I. Download cloning software as mentioned by SSD’s manufacturer

Please note: Here we will be using our ADATA’s SSD cloning software i.e. Acronis True Image OEM Disk migration Utility but users can use choice of their own cloning software.

  1. User need to visit following ADATA’s website to register his product and get a FREE Acronis True Image key

2. On the “Product Registration” page, click on “create a new account now!”

3. On the next page, ADATA will show you Membership Benefits like  “Free Software updates”, New service and product information and other special offers. We need to click on “Create a new account” only.

4. It will show up all the “Sign up” formalities to create a new account at ADATA. Fill the required details and click “Submit”

5. After “Signing up”, we will be reaching the point where we can get the option to register our ADATA product. Follow the instructions as shown in the picture.

6. Finally, we will be landed at “Product Registration” page to get our sweet ACRONIS KEY for FREE. Fill all the required details like Serial number, purchase invoice to proceed next. Click “Submit” after filling all the details.

7. After “Submiting” the data, the page will congratulate you for “Registering your product”. Now click on the “Get the Acronis software key” to land at the final step.

8. At the last step, Select your Operating system (Here we are using Windows 10) and Enter the warranty code which is same as “Serial number” of your ADATA product. After filling the details, click “SUBMIT” and you will get the ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE software key.

Part II. Before cloning, we suggest to clean unwanted files from your old SSD

  1. At “Search Box” of windows, search for “Storage” and select it
  2. At “Storage” screen, select your old SSD
  3. Select the desired destination to check “Storage” consumption
  4. After selection, whether it is “Documents, Games or Apps”
  5. View your desired selection and delete unwanted files accordingly

Part III. Using ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE to migrate the data

  1. After installing the application from the above given link, open the app and it will ask for “Serial number” that we got from ADATA website.

2. After pasting the correct “Serial number”, you will be eligible to “Activate” the product.

3. So after this all hard work, we will be at main screen of ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE software. Just select the “Clone Disk” option and proceed

4. At next screen, we recommend “Automatic” option but for the sake of tutorial we will be moving with “Manual” option. Select it then proceed!!

5. At this stage, we have to select “Source Disk” first. Select and move to next

6. Here we will select “Destination Disk” and then proceed.

7. If your “Destination Disk” is already formatted or has been used by different system then “Acronis” application will give you a warning. Just proceed with “Ok” for cloning.

8. At the “Move Method” stage, we prefer to select “As is” option to proceed. Otherwise for advance users, they can select other options.

9. Now, the app will display “Summary” of the moving process. “Proceed” to next

10. It will ask to restart your computer and the migration will be continued at pre-boot mode though ACRONIS Interface which is easy to understand

Congratulations for completing the tutorial. You have successfully cloned your old SSD data to the new one. If you have questions, then don’t forget to comment for any confusions.

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