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8 Simple Tips for Optimizing Your Windows PC

8 Simple Tips for Optimizing Your Windows PC

When it comes to getting the best performance out of your Windows PC, optimization and the right settings play an important role. You may have heard complaints about Windows 10 or any Windows machine runs slowly or does not feel snappy. Well, the answer is simple. Just like any other machine, your Windows based computer needs some timely lubrication in the form of software and system optimizations.

In this article, we show you how tweaking with some simple settings and flipping a few toggles with make your Windows experience much more enjoyable. Whether you are gaming or handling multiple Excel sheets for your next big launch, these simple Windows optimization tips would surely help you.

Here are the best ways to Optimize Your Windows PC:

1. Clean temp files

In order to function smoothly, the CPU makes temporary files. These files are stored in hidden folders. If these are not cleaned up with time they start occupying a lot of disk space & ramps down the CPU performance. Perform the following steps to access such folders and clean up files.

Step 1: Click on the “Windows” button
Step 2: Search and Click on “Run
Step 3: In the dialog box type “prefetch

windows 10 optimization tips
Step 4: Temp folder will open and it contains a lot of files. Delete all of the files. Some files may not get deleted cause they are being used.

windows 10 optimization tips

Perform the same task by typing “%temp%” and  “temp” in the Run dialog box. Another folder containing temp files will open. Clean the temporary files from all 3 folders.

Note: Perform this task once in 3 months .

2. Analyzing “Memory” Resources in Task Manager

We can optimize our computer by monitoring the resources in Task Manager of Windows 10. In “Task Manager” we can analyze the data of our resources like CPU, Memory, Disk and Network of our system in graphical interface. At the moment, we will focus on “Memory” utilization only. Now let’s start with “Task Manager

How to open “Task Manager”

  1. There is hot keys combination to open “Task Manager” i.e. Control + Shift + Escape
  2. After launching “Task manager“, click on “Performance” and then “Memory

Memory” page will show the exact utilization of RAM with percentage & graph. Now, we need to figure out which application is taking much memory with the help of “Processes” Tab.

windows 10 optimization tips

  1. In “Task Manager“, the default tab is “Processes“. Select the “Processes” Tab.
  2. Analyze the “Memory” section in “Processes” and figure out which app is utilizing the most of your memory by clicking once on “Memory” column..
  3. Catch the topmost app and work out on it.

windows 10 optimization tips

If the system is running out of memory then it will slow down your PC’s performance. Either close that task or application which is consuming a lot of unnecessary memory or upgrade your RAM for better system performance.

3. Defragmentation

Defragmentation is like detoxification of your Hard Disk Drives. It collects the pieces of data that are scattered all over your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and reassemble them back. Like we detox our body for full performance, same is the case with our beloved systems. Its like a Health check for the Hard Disk Drives. If our HDD is slow, our system will also lag in functioning properly.

So, How Disk Fragmentation occurs?

Well Fragmentation is a natural occurrence and it is not in our hands to control it. Like we shared above, the files, the pieces are spread across the HDD, it takes efforts to read and write by HDD. The Fragmentation of HDD results in sluggish system performance, slow boot timings and random freeze-ups. It makes system owners feels that their computer is “Old & Dying” but the real blame is on Fragmentation.

Process of doing Disk Fragmentation in Windows 10

  1. Type in search box “Defragment and optimize Drives” and select the 1st option or press Enter.windows 10 optimization tips
  2. A new window will open which will show all your system “Drives“.
  3. Select the “Drive” weather it is “C:,D:,New Volume etc..” to Analyzewindows 10 optimization tips
  4. If the “Drive’s” current status is more then 10% then you need to Optimize it.
  5. Click the “Optimize” button and have patience. It will take time to Defrag.
  6. One the process is complete, the current status will show “0% fragmented

Now, check & feel the performance of your system.

Please note: Defragmention is not required for Solid State Drives (SSD) as their mechanism from HDD’s are different.

4. Malware

windows 10 optimization tips

Malicious Software or short form “Malware” are programs that are design to disrupt your usual computer performance. Overall “Malware” contains threats like viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits etc.

Malware slow downs your computer by excessive pop-ups, weird behavior and periodic system crashes. When Malware is active, it makes your system sluggish by consuming large amount of memory which are required by other necessary system programs to use. It results in poor performances of frequently used system applications like Office, Internet browser or overall Windows operating system. Basically, Malware silently infects your computer by installing itself in many areas of your computer and it leads into inefficiency of programs and applications to which that malicious file has attached itself.

Malwares can also corrupt important system files and malfunction your installed applications. But luckily we have prevention steps, which will help us optimized our Windows 10.

  1. Download files from trust worthy websites only
  2. Avoid downloading files from spam mails
  3. Update your Malware security software frequently

We recommend to use popular Malware security software to protect & optimize your Windows operating system

5. Startup programs

Startup programs are the programs that start in the background as the windows is started. These programs occupy a lot of RAM when the windows  Hence leading to a laggy startup.

Following are the steps for disabling unwanted startup programs:
1.  Right click on the task bar and open the Task Manager.
2. Click on the “Startup” Tab.
3. A list of programs will open in front of you. Right click on the program you want to stop and select the disable option.

windows 10 optimization tips

6. Disk cleanup

This is an another way of cleaning up temporary files. Perform the following steps:
1. Go to “This PC”.
2. Right click on the drive you have installed the Windows and select  the “properties” option.

windows 10 optimization tips
3. In the “general” tab, select the “Disk cleanup” option.
4. This will initiate a scan. After the scan is completed, click on the “cleanup system files” option.

windows 10 optimization tips
5. This will initiate a scan again. After the scan is completed, press OK .

7. Visual settings

1.Right click on “This PC” and click on properties.

windows 10 optimization tips
2.The system dialog box will open in front of you.On the left panel ,click on “advanced system settings“.

windows 10 optimization tips
3.The system properties dialog box will open in front of you. In the advanced tab click on the settings option under “performance“.
4.The performance dialog box will open in front of you. In the visual effects click on the adjust for the best performance option.

windows 10 optimization tips

Note: After selecting this option the visual effects of the system might not look appealing but enables OS to operate smoothly. You can also click on the custom option and make changes according to your preference.

8. Power Plan

This option will give your system a great boost in the performance. But this will increase the power consumption of the processor.

  1. Go to control panel.
  2. Click on “Hardware and sound
  3. Click on the “Power option“.
  4. Click on show additional plans and click on the High performance option.

windows 10 optimization tips

So above are the best ways to optimize your computer system by following the above steps.

If you are still confused about optimizing your gaming or work PC then kindly comment below this article or contact Team HardwareMana, Punjab on Whatsapp at +91-9876499728


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